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Anointed Homes LLC is on a mission to provide state-of-the-art professional health care and compassionate support at your home. We work to support you in your hard times through physical care and emotional support.


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Autistic cute girl practicing connecting the color sticks at home while her mom kept support nearby. Training for intelligence restoration for children with autism or aphasia kids.

Complete Care At Your Home

Anointed Homes LLC aim is to assist our individuals to attain independent living by teaching them necessary skills that will help them with employment and to navigate the communities where they reside.

Our Services

Residential Habilitation Services (RHS)

At Anointed Homes, we understand that each individual is unique, and our Residential Habilitation Services are tailored to meet the specific needs of those with developmental disabilities.

Happy family with mother and disabled son spending time together at home.

Participant Assistance and Care (PAC)

Our dedicated team is committed to providing specialized support for individuals with developmental disabilities, fostering a nurturing environment that promotes their well-being and integration into the communities they cherish.

Smiling senior patient sitting on wheelchair with nurse supporting her. Doctor looking at elderly patient on a wheelchair in the garden. Nurse holding hand of mature woman outside pension home.

Respite Care

At Anointed Homes, our Respite Care services are thoughtfully designed to provide temporary relief and support for individuals with developmental disabilities and their primary caregivers.

Day Habilitation

Our commitment to fostering empowerment and integration is at the core of our mission, ensuring that every individual feels valued and respected in the communities they prefer.

Structured Family Caregiving

This unique service is designed to create a supportive and nurturing environment within a family setting, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment for our participants.

Community Transition

We are dedicated to facilitating a seamless and empowering transition for individuals with developmental disabilities into the communities they prefer.

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