About Us

We are a modern Medical Clinic

Anointed Homes LLC was founded to serve people with developmental disabilities and their families navigate and provide support when transiting from high school to being in the community.

Anointed Homes LLC aims to provide personalized, individualized care which will allow opportunities for individuals to receive services and support in their own homes and community by maximizing access to the benefits of community living and receiving support in the most integrated setting.

Our Vision

Our aim is to assist our individuals to attain independent living by teaching them the necessary skills which will help them with employment and navigate the community they live in.

Anointed homes LLC was founded to serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities transitioning to adulthood, from 18 years of age and up. Our target population is individuals with developmental disabilities such as those on the autism spectrum. Our founder believes that everyone regardless of their developmental abilities has a right to be treated with respect and the best of support and holistic care.